Célia Hay

A body falls 24 frames per second (2019)
Photographic prints from a Super 8 film, 200 x 90 cm installation

    “The piece ‘A body falls 24 frames per second’ is a loop taken from a Super 8 film, isolated, cut, and transposed to paper prints. An image-track, faraway evocation of a sound-track that unfolds, with the alternating of black strips and stills of the Californian sky irradiating the face of the actress giving it its tempo. The artist attempts to break the borders between art and life in this work that echoes the cinema of Buster Keaton, as well as Bas Jan Ader’s repeated falls. She immortalizes a fall which seems endless, both romantic and burlesque, through a manipulation (shall we say special effect), demonstrating how she transcends mediums with dexterity. Célia Hay one more time binds thus image and performance, through the image of this instant continuously renewed.” Basile Ghosn, 2019

Solo show ‘There were only seekers’, L’Hypothèse du Lieu Gallery, Marseille (2019). Exhibition views: Aurélien Meimaris