The Procession of Disappearance, performances and film
Colour 16/9, duration 22’ min
A collaboration between Célia Hay, Pearlie Frisch, Maria de la O Garrido, Lena Heubusch, Candice Japiassu, and Stephanie Sant.

‘The Procession of Disappearance’ was a collective performance dealing with elements that are disappearing and have disappeared from the island of Gozo. The elements tackled were soil erosion, unrecorded legends and the loss of beloved landmarks. The idea of this procession was not to mourn these fragile and disappearing elements, but to celebrate the ephemeral nature of them in the context of Gozo.

This project was produced during a residency at Spazju Kreattiv - Malta’s National Art Centre - as part of the official programme of Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018. It consists in a series of performances that took place in Gozo in April 2018, and a film. 

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